Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer is for the birds

Can you believe school has started already?  Yikes.  I for one am excited to get back into a good school routine.  Fall and winter are my favorite times of the year. Parker will start basketball again soon.  I will be back to volunteering in the classroom and for the PTA.  We are going to finally tackle the "cooper needs to stop wearing a diaper and peeing in his pants" issue.  The summer time laziness is fun for a bit but I start to crave the structure of the school year. 
We had a really great summer here at the Adams casa. (casa is spanish for house for those of you who don't're welcome)  Since I am good for a blog post about every 2 months I will just update for the summer.  As a side note I am going to try and keep this up to date since the husband wants to have a "family year book" printed out I figure I should just keep this updated and print it out once a year.  Here are a few of summer days in pics.
Trips to the beach with plenty of capri suns and Cheetos puffs to go around

Brothers hanging out mostly getting along but by the end of summer really liked to torture one another

Mom loving on her little girl (even sideways we are just as cute as can be)

Two sessions of swim lessons.  The first session parker was terrified of the deep end and the diving board.  By the beginning of the second session he only wanted to be in the deep end and on the diving board 

Parker perfecting his freestyle swim.  I'm thinking Olympics 2020

Mani and pedi days for the girls

More Wii was played than I care to admit!

Trip to silverwood theme park.  Parker was sweet about riding all the kiddie rides with cooper and all the roller coasters with me.
 We also threw in a trip to Montana for a weekend to meet Aunt Carly and Uncle Brian.  We then ended the summer with a trip to Seattle to hang with Uncle Darren and mom's best friend Tanya.     

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